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ggh4x (development version)

  • Fixed bug in geom_box() where radius is now properly handed off to the grob.

ggh4x 0.2.3

CRAN release: 2022-11-09

This is a small release updating some of the internals to better use the public interface to ggplot2 and play well with the latest release of ggplot2 (3.4.0).

New features

ggh4x 0.2.2

CRAN release: 2022-08-14

This is a small release updating the documentation to be compatible with HTML5, compatibility for upcoming ggplot2 3.4.0, along with four small features.

New features

  • New experimental strip_split() strip style for facets. This function might still give unexpected results. Feel free to leave feedback!
  • New guide_axis_scalebar() for drawing scale bars (#63).
  • New geom_outline_points() to draw overlapping points with outlines.
  • New coord_axes_inside() function that moves axes from outside the panel to inside the panel.

Tweaks and bugfixes

  • Documented ?theme_extensions to collect information about extra theme elements in a single place.
  • Deprecated ggsubset(). Use data = ~ subset(.x, ...) instead.
  • geom_*() and stat_*() functions now allow dynamic dots.
  • Fixed bug wherein facet label purging didn’t recognise rich text grobs as the axis text part of an axis (#67).
  • To be more compatible with future ggplot2, the linesize aesthetic in geom_pointpath() has been renamed to linewidth.

ggh4x 0.2.1

CRAN release: 2021-11-24

This is a patch release fixing a few bugs and a broken unit test.

  • Fixed misplacement of nest lines in vertical strips (#50).
  • Fixed bug in setting aspect ratio in facet_grid2() and family (#56).

ggh4x 0.2.0

CRAN release: 2021-08-21


Facets have largely been refactored. Accordingly, the vignette has been updated to reflect the latest changes.


The previously existing facet_wrap2() now has the trim_blank option to force nrow and ncol argument if these exceed the number of rows or columns needed to place all the panels. Thanks to @coolbutuseless for letting me steal the idea from the {facetious} package. The facet_wrap2() function was already used to offer more options over axis drawing.


In addition, the cousin facet_grid2() makes an entrance. It offers the same axis drawing extensions as facet_wrap2(), but for the grid layout. Moreover, it allows for independent scales across rows and columns, which is a constraint in ggplot2::facet_grid().

Nested facets

Besides facet_nested_wrap() inheriting from facet_wrap2(), which was already the case, now facet_nested() also inherits from facet_grid2() to make use of the extended axis drawing options. Also, the nest_line argument now takes a element_line() or element_blank() to draw the indicator instead of the logical(1) argument it took previously. The bleed argument has been moved from the nested facet to the new strip_nested() function (see below).


New in the family of facets is now facet_manual(): a facet that can take a user specified design for a layout and populate the panels accordingly.


The facet functions in ggh4x now have strip arguments, which can be used with new strip_*() functions that control how the strips are drawn. For now, they come in the following three variants:

  • strip_vanilla() which draws normal strips, but allows you to control whether labels should be clipped and has the size argument that can let strips on different layers have different sizes. This can be convenient when the strip labels have very different sizes.
  • strip_themed() does all of the above, but also let’s you assign element_text() and element_rect() to different strips, allowing you to have greater control of their styling. These elements can be assigned independently for the horizontal and vertical strips and can be applied to single strips or layers of strips.
  • strip_nested() again does all of the above, but also merges the strips with the same labels if they are next to one another. This means that the core functionality of facet_nested() and facet_nested() wrap has been moved and is now powered by the strip argument. They can still be convenient to draw nesting indicators.

Other changes

  • Fixed spelling in README (#32, thanks @vikatti!)
  • Added helper for secondary axes: help_secondary()
  • Added stat_difference() for shading a ribbon based on the sign of difference.
  • Included ‘colour’/‘color’ arguments for axis guides for recolouring the whole axis in one go (instead of editing 3-5 theme elements).
  • Fix bug in facetted_pos_scales() with date scales (#37)
  • Fix bug in nested facets when strip.text = element_blank. Requires ggplot2 >3.3.0, or the dev version at time of writing. (#35)
  • Changed facet_wrap2()/facet_nested_wrap() ‘free’, ‘axes’ and ‘remove_labels’ arguments to be less ambiguous.
  • Fix bug in truncated axes with discrete scales (#39).
  • Fix bug in geom_pointpath() with 1-member groups (#43).
  • New axis function guide_axis_manual().


CRAN release: 2021-02-11

  • Updated functions for ggplot2 v3.3.0 (#1)
  • Fixed compatibility issue for facet_nested() and patchwork (#4)
  • Fixed bug in facet_nested(bleed = FALSE) (#7)
  • Added scale_(x/y)_dendrogram() and associated guide guide_dendro() (#1)
  • Added guide_axis_nested() and convenience function weave_factors() (#3)
  • Added guide_axis_minor() for minor break tickmarks
  • Added guide_axis_logticks for logarithmic tickmarks
  • Added element_part_rect() for using rectangles with a subset of edges as theme element (#13).
  • Added stat_rollingkernel() for different smoothing lines.
  • Added stat_rle() for runlength calculation.
  • Fixed bug in geom_pointpath() (#15)
  • Fixed scale_(x/y)_dendrogram so that labels are passed from scale (#17)
  • geom_pointpath() now curves with nonlinear coordinates (#15).
  • Added stat_funxy(), stat_centroid() and stat_midpoint() (#16).
  • Added facet_wrap2() with few extensions.
  • Added facet_nested_wrap() for merging strips (#19)
  • Alternative specification of facet scales in facetted_pos_scales through formulas (#25).
  • Added option to discard dendrogram labels (#23).
  • Added coloured text legend (stringlegend, #31).
  • Added truncated axis guide.
  • Supported axis truncation in other position guides too.

ggh4x 0.1.1

  • Package should be in usable state
  • Added facet_nested()
  • Added facetted_pos_scales()
  • Added geom_pointpath()
  • Added geom_rectrug()
  • Added position_disjoint_ranges()
  • Added position_lineartrans()
  • Added scale_listed()
  • Added scale_(fill/colour)_multi()
  • Added stat_theodensity()

ggh4x 0.0.1

  • Added a file to track changes to the package.
  • Initialised repository skeleton