Chromatic colour and fill scales

Functions for manipulating the colour and fill scales, such as setting limits, breaks, labels and channel limits.


Chromatic scale constructor

scale_colour_rgb() scale_fill_rgb() scale_colour_hsv() scale_fill_hsv() scale_colour_hsl() scale_fill_hsl() scale_colour_hcl() scale_fill_hcl() scale_colour_cmyk() scale_fill_cmyk() scale_colour_cmy() scale_fill_cmy()

Colour space scales

Colour space vectors

Functions for constructing colour space vectors.

hcl_spec() hsv_spec() hsl_spec() rgb_spec() cmyk_spec() cmy_spec()

Colour space vectors


Palette functions that take colour space vectors as input and generate hexadecimally notated colours as character vectors.

rgb_palette() hsv_palette() hsl_palette() hcl_palette() cmyk_palette() cmy_palette()

Colour space palettes

Guides for chromatic scales

Guides that specialise in displaying colour channel mapping from chromatic scales.


Chromatic guide

guide_colourcube() guide_colorcube()

Chromatic colour cube guide

guide_colourrect() guide_colorrect()

Chromatic colour rectangle guide


Continuous colour bar guide 2